Our sourcing  is divided into  mainly four types

1 ) Your design :  Supplying  of specific fabric and design according to  customer’s choice

İn this case , the customer provides the fabric swatch or design with all specifications they require .  Initially  the price quotations are supplied   and if accepted we proceed with sampling . After sample approval and order is placed , production starts  .

2 ) Your touch :  Development and production of partly completed customer designs

We visit the suitable factories together with the customers according to their needs. After working on the factories collections , the customers decide on the  changes  among the existing articles and the factory  makes the related revisions ( in  pattern , color , yarn type,  finishing)  .

3 ) Factory’s collection : Presentation of collections of the existing fabrics only

In this case ,  we visit the related factories with the customers and the fabrics can only be  chosen from the existing collections of these  factories.

4 ) Stock : Choosing from the fabrics which are ready to ship

If the customer needs  fabrics with really low cost and also low quantity per item, we organize visits to factories with stock fabrics. The quality control is not applied to these stock fabrics. If quality control is requested, the selling price will change relatedly.





01.   The Company

Our company is operating as a fabric buying agent established in Istanbul / TURKEY since 2001.

02.  The Product

The product or what we supply is mainly sourcing and quality control of all kinds of woven and knitted fabrics for garment industry.

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Our network consists of more than 300 fabric factories from all around TURKEY. Some of these factories are suppliers to worldwide brands
such as ...

05.   The Sourcing

Our sourcing is divided into mainly four types...

We offer detailed and accurate quality control in terms of visual inspection after the production is finalized.

07.   The Contact
Tel : +90 212 5655111
Fax : +90 212 5653294

Address : Emka Textile Ltd , Davutpasa Cad. Emintas Davutpasa Matbaacilar Sit.
No : 103/199   34010
Topkapi / Istanbul /Turkey

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